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Change my start or end time

If you have a booking that has not yet started, here's how to amend your times. If you're changing dates completely and your booking is more than 24hrs away it might be easier to cancel and rebook

If your booking has already started, you can extend the duration if there is availability. See how to extend you booking: How do I extend my parking session?

**Changing your start time may not always be possible if the booking is less than 24hrs away**

All changes are subject to availablity

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  1. Head to the 'My bookings' section of your JustPark account and go to 'Upcoming'.
  2. Select the booking that you would like to make the change for 
  3. Select 'Extend Booking'
  4. Change the dates/times as needed **Pay special attention to new start and end times and ensure they are correct**
  5. Press 'Check Availability' if available, you'll be presented with a 'Confirm and pay' button. If unavailable, you can change your selection or cancel to keep your original booking
  6. Confirm and pay and your booking will be charged accordingly.


**Note: It is not always possible to change the start time, especially where the change is short notice. This is so there is enough time to pass your details to the car park enforcement company.

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