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How do I add photos of my space?

Adding photos to your listing is a great way to increase bookings and give drivers confidence about using your space. It will also cut down on queries like "How do I find your space?" and "Am I parked in the right place?"

The process is straightforward - please note:

    • All photos are approved before they go live
    • Photos take up to 48hrs to be approved

You will see your photos in your account but they will not show on your listing until they're approved.

Website App
  1. Head to the 'Manage my spaces' section of your JustPark account
  2. On the right will be a big green button 'Add Photos' or 'Edit Photos' - click it
  3. Then click 'Add photos' - (You can also edit/rotate/delete your existing photos here)
  4. Choose the photo(s) that you want to add from your device
  5. Click 'Save changes'
  6. Your photos are now queued with our approval team - they will show on your account but won't be visible to drivers until they have been approved. This can take up to 48hrs


**Note: If we feel the images are not appropriate we will not add them. Please ensure the photos added accurately display the parking space and assist drivers in parking correctly and safely. Photos of nearby venues, attractions or events are not acceptable as Listing photos. 

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