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Overstay Policy

When a driver overstay their booking on a private space, this can cause issues with other drivers that have booked the space and for the owner who may have been expecting the space back for their own vehicle. 

Because of the disruption this can cause, we have a strict overstay policy.  


Policy Details

Unless the Owner has agreed to a later departure time (and the extra time must be purchased through JustPark) the Driver will be liable to pay the full price for any additional time stayed. The driver will be liable to pay:

  • the hourly rate for every additional hour stayed. Any minutes under 1 hour will be charged as 1 hour.
  • a £10 penalty charge to JustPark for administration and processing.
  • the Owner shall authorise JustPark to collect payment of any such additional fees from the Driver on behalf of the Owner.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances, we may decide to waive the admin fee
    • Full details of why the driver overstayed and what the mitigating circumstances were will need to be provided and evidence may be required.
  • JustPark has full discretion about whether any fees or fines will be applied for overstays and JustPark's decision will be final.



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