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What if I overstay my booking?

If you've booked a space then it is only available to you for the period that you have booked for. If you do require the space for longer than expected, you will be able to extend the booking, provided that there is:

  • availability at the car park for the extra time you are requesting, and
  • the extension is done before the original booking period ends. 

See this guide for how to extend your booking: How do I extend my parking session?

Note: Please make any extensions as early as possible, as we cannot guarantee the availability of the parking space after your original booked period. We do always advise booking a time period for that will give you plenty of time, especially if you do think there is a possibility that you may run over your appointment/event/activity.

If your booking has already ended you may be able to make a new booking at the same location.

Overstaying can result in a parking charge being issued if the space has an enforcement company in place.

Charges will also be applied for the time you have overstayed for and for relocation fees if your overstaying prevents another driver who has booked the space from using it. More detail is provided in our Overstay Policy.

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