Booking A Parking Space

Why should I pay and communicate only through the website?

1. You benefit from our Driver Protection Guarantee.

Paying and communicating through JustPark means you're protected by our refund policy. Problems on the day are very rare, but it's important to us that we can refund you if anything does go wrong.

2. It keeps things simple.

Our messaging and payment system is designed to make life easier for everyone. When you manage your booking through the JustPark website, you know you'll find everything in one place - and if you need any help, it's easy for us to access all the information we need to resolve your issue.

3. It makes your future parking experiences with us even smoother.

JustPark's service charge is what enables us to continually develop and improve our service. This means bringing you, the driver, more parking spaces to choose from, and make our website and the app even better.

Please let us know if a space owner asks you to pay offline.

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