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I disagree with a review left about my space


It can be upsetting when a review is left that you disagree with. It can feel like it will make a big difference to your listing and may prohibit further bookings.

Remember that consumers are savvy - they expect to see the odd bad review, but if your rating is overwhelmingly positive they will read the content and make a judgement for themselves.

Does JustPark ever remove or change reviews?

It's really important that JustPark's feedback system remains credible, fair, unbiased and transparent.

For this reason, we'll only remove reviews if they breach our guidelines. We may ask the driver to edit their review to better adhere to our guidelines, rather than delete fully.

If we began doctoring reviews, the platform would lose credibility and in turn less customers would use the platform.

Grounds for deleting/amending a review include:

  • Hateful - Especially using hate speech 
  • Discriminatory - Words and phrases that stereotype individuals, groups, races, or nationalities and/or contain prejudice
  • Obscene - Contains swear words, or other language that is not appropriate 
  • Illegal - Contains anything that would be unlawful
  • Price - The price of parking should be considered before confirming your bookings, once a booking is made the price is considered accepted and not a topic for review
  • JustPark Polices - Our policies are not specific to the listing itself, any reviews based on JustPark should be left on Trustpilot
  • Experiences out of our/Space Owners control - Inability to locate the parking space or failure to use the parking space when sufficient information has been provided are not considered review topics 
  • Services and technology not related to JustPark - Traffic, road closures, Google Maps, poor sat nav functionality and user error



Note: If you have a review that meets one or more of these, you can submit a request to the team

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