Getting Paid

Why are my earnings pending?

When you have an upcoming booking the money you will earn will show up in your account as Pending earnings. You can view your pending earnings on your Dashboard or in your Transactions.

  • Fixed Term Booking ( A defined start & end date/time) - 48hrs after the booking starts
  • Monthly rolling booking (no defined end date/time) - 1 month after the booking starts (and on the same date in each following month)

Good to know:

  • The best way to know when the fees will be available is to hover/tap on the word 'Pending' on your Transactions page. This will tell you exactly when to expect the fees to be available.

Here's an example image of what this looks like:

IMG Transactions.png


Once your fees are available, they can be withdrawn. See our article on withdrawals to learn more about how to do this and how long it takes. 


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