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How do I deactivate my listing?

We have two options when it comes to deactivating your listing. 

1. Snoozing your listing:

This will keep any existing bookings but will mean that new bookings can't be taken. It is used for when you have some temporary reason you can't accept bookings, like building works or your driveway being in use. 

We will remind from time to time to take your listing off of snooze so that you can accept new bookings. 

2. Deactivating your listing:

This is much more permanent and will trigger our "why are you leaving?" process. We like to know why our Hosts are no longer going to be renting their space through JustPark so you should expect to be contacted by a member of our team. 

**It will also cancel all your existing bookings - So please be aware before you make this selection.**


How to snooze or deactivate your listing

If you want to snooze or deactivate your listing, follow these instructions:

  • Head to Manage your parking spaces and underneath the 'Space listing status' section click Change
  • You can then choose Snooze or Deactivate

Please note that Snooze/Deactivate removes your listing from JustPark searches, it doesn't deactivate your personal JustPark account. You can reactivate your account at any time by clicking Activate

If you have upcoming or in progress bookings, these will be cancelled and you will lose all earnings for these bookings. 

We would prefer it if you contacted us first before deactivating if you have ongoing bookings. 

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