I've been overcharged

If you were parking in Northern Ireland, you probably haven't been overcharged. This will most likely be the 'Pre-Authorisation' pending amount for that car park.

JustPark now takes a 'pre-authorisation' amount when you press 'Start' on the JustPark app.

When you slide across to stop parking, we calculate how much you actually used and that is what we will charge.


At the beginning of your booking, we request an initial charge from your bank to verify that we can charge your card later on. This initial charge will always be the maximum parking fee for that location, based on the time you start - it will not be a full day's charge if you arrive later in the day.

Your bank will hold this amount until JustPark instructs them to release the funds.

We do this immediately after you end your session.

Afterwards, your bank will release the held funds back to you, minus the parking charge. The time it takes for this release can vary from 3 to 5 working days, depending on your bank.

Good to know:

JustPark only receives the funds for the parking charge once you have ended the session.

The pre-authorised 'held' amount never actually leaves your bank account - it is simply unavailable for you to use until your parking session ends.

The parking charge is deducted from the held amount, and the remaining funds are released.

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