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The driver has asked me for a refund

At JustPark, we understand that situations may arise where a driver may need to request a refund for their booking. Here's what you need to know about our refund policy:

1. Unavailability of the Space:

If the space reserved by the driver is is unavailable upon arrival, the driver should contact you directly to reach a resolution. If you are unable to offer one, or aren’t able to respond in a reasonable amount of time, we will issue a refund upon their request. To process the refund, the driver may also provide us with a photo clearly showing that the space was inaccessible or occupied at the time of their arrival.

2. Dissatisfaction or Unforeseen Circumstances:

In cases where the driver had a bad experience parking, for example, they arrived late, or had to leave earlier than expected, whether a refund will be issued depends on the discretion of the space owner. We encourage drivers to communicate any issues they encounter directly with the space owner for resolution.

3. Refund Process:

a. After Booking Ends: Once a booking has ended, the space owner will not be able to issue a refund directly. In such cases, the owner should contact JustPark to request a refund. Depending on the circumstances, we can provide a partial or full refund to the driver.

b. Cancellation by Space Owner: If the space owner cancels a booking while it's in progress, JustPark will automatically issue a full refund to the driver. This ensures fairness and transparency in cases where the driver is unable to utilise the reserved parking space due to unforeseen circumstances.




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