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How do I manage my space’s pricing?

As a space owner you have the option to choose Automated or Manual pricing, depending on whether you want to be hands-off and allow us to optimise your earnings for you, or to take control of it yourself. 

You can choose between Automated and Manual pricing by selecting Manage your parking spaces and then Edit listing.


Automated prices are set by JustPark and aim to maximise your earnings for you. This changes your pricing over time by analysing driver demand, nearby prices, the availability of other spaces, seasonality, and many other factors.

Drivers are charged hourly for your space for the first 5 hours and then are charged a reduced hourly rate after that. 


Manual pricing can be turned on by clicking the Click here to stop automation option found by selecting Manage your parking spaces and then Edit listing.

Manual pricing allows you to set the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly price that you want to receive from drivers. You can also pick an amount which will be the lowest you’ll receive for any booking which we call a minimum booking price. You can change your prices at any time via the following steps:

  1. Head to Manage your parking spaces in your JustPark account
  2. Click Edit on the listing you want to change
  3. Under the Pricing section, you'll be able to choose your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly prices

Price changes only affect future bookings and do not change the price of existing bookings. 

For more information about how we calculate the price of your Listing, please see the following article here.

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