Specific Car Parks

Parking at North Middlesex University Hospital, London

JustPark provides payment services for parking at North Middlesex University Hospital. 

If you are parking during the day (06:00 till 18:00) on weekdays, please follow these instructions:

Due to the advanced automatic number plate recognition system that is used at this location, your number plate is automatically read when you enter the car park. 

There is no action required at this stage, only when you leave the car park. When leaving, please fill in your exit time on the JustPark app. The app will calculate and show you how much you need to pay. 

If you forgot to pay or couldn’t make a payment, we got you covered! You have up to 24 hours from your departure time to make the payment through the app. 


If you are parking during the evenings (18:00 till 06:00) or the weekend, please follow these instructions:

During evening and weekend hours, the car park operates slightly differently. A flat fee is charged for your stay regardless of how long you park and needs to be paid upon arrival. You can do this through the JustPark app. To download the app for an Apple device, please click here. For a Google device, please click here.

If in the unlikely event you are unable to pay using the app, please try using a different payment card or use one of the kiosks.

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