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How do I use a Multi-use ticket at a Cornwall site?

Once you have purchased your batch of Multi-use tickets, you obviously want to use them. This is just as simple as paying for your parking! So let us help you with that. 


When you are ready to pay (depending on the car park this may be at the beginning or the end of your session), you open the app and fill in the listing ID. 


After you confirmed your vehicle registration, you will end up at the check-out page. This is where you have the option to select your payment method. Multi-use tickets are shown as a payment method on the check-out page. It will even show you how many Multi-use tickets you have left. 


Select that you wish to pay using the "Multi-use tickets" and tap on "Pay now".


And that's it! Booking sorted.


*Please note that this payment option is only shown when you are parking at the location for which you purchased Multi-Use tickets


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