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How do I make a rolling monthly booking?

It's just as easy as making a short-term booking

Click to see How do I make a monthly booking?. Don't worry, if you decide to stay longer or need to leave earlier, you can easily change the dates. 

Make sure you choose 'monthly' as the booking option and you will be shown spaces that offer monthly bookings. You’ll only be charged the first month's payment up-front and the rest will be paid as you go. 

You can also choose between:

  • 24/7 (space is all yours and you can come and go as you please)
  • Mon-Fri only (cheaper, but then same as above except you can't use it on weekends - popular with commuters)

Note: It is currently not possible to make a long-term multi-date (e.g. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week) booking.

First payment up-front

Once you’ve made a long-term booking, you’ll be charged for the first month of your stay up-front. We’ll hold this payment until 48 hours after the first day of parking before giving it to the space owner.

Payment for future months

After the first day of parking, we’ll charge you monthly, on the same day, using the same payment method, for the duration of your booking. In other words, you won’t make a second payment until approximately one month after your first parking day. The monthly price you pay is locked at the beginning of the booking.

You can see your total booking cost and successful payments made in your Booking Details page.

How do I cancel? 

You must give 4 days notice before the new payment is taken, or this will be rolled over to the next period. 


  • Payment date of 15th October
  • Notice would need to be given before 11th October to cancel and have no new payment taken
  • If notice given 10th October, parking will end on 15th
  • If notice given 14th October, parking will end on 15th November


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