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What should I do if I get a parking fine (PCN)?

JustPark do not issue parking fines, isn’t a parking authority that has jurisdiction on the issue of penalty charge notices, and cannot cancel them directly.

We can look at your PCN issue and help you in providing clarity on why it was issued. We need images of the front and back of the PCN to do this. 

JustPark recommends this timeline:

  • Check the booking you made and whether you adhered to all the parking restrictions
  • If you did not, you should pay the fine to avoid further action/increased costs
  • If you still believe this was issued incorrectly you should appeal right away, directly to the Enforcement Company
  • You can also send the images of the PCN to JustPark on - we might be able to advise why it was issued and in some small cases, ask for the fine to be cancelled
    • Do not send your appeal to only JustPark - we cannot appeal on your behalf
    • Make sure you appeal to the Enforcement Company too
  • If your appeal is rejected you can appeal to POPLA (details below)
  • If POPLA rejects your appeal, you will be asked to pay the fine which should stay at the original value (not increase)
  • If you do not want to pay the fine you would need to investigate further action or speak to the Enforcement Company again
    • JustPark would not be able to intervene other than providing information on likely reasons why the PCN was issued


Things to consider:

  • Was I parked at the right location?
  • Was the booking at the correct time?  Whilst most enforcers have a grace period of around 10 minutes, either way, this is not set as a rule nor do they have to adhere to it. 
  • Was the booking made using the correct vehicle registration number?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you should appeal using the information provided in the letter that you received either on your car or through your letterbox.

You can send it to us at the same time on and we will investigate for you too - but make sure you appeal if you believe you were parked correctly. JustPark cannot appeal on your behalf. 

Should you end up in a situation where the appeal has been rejected but you still believe that it has been issued incorrectly, then your last option would be to appeal directly to POPLA. They are an independent appeals service for PCNs reviewing whether the PCN was issued accordingly and whether the appeal services of the enforcer have been followed.

Please note that you can only appeal here if the PCN was issued by a private enforcement agency. If your appeal has been issued by a local authority, you cannot make use of their services. 

For more information, please visit the following website:

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