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Parking in Northern Ireland: Change to how we charge you

Questions about payment?

JustPark will bill you at the end of your booking when you slide across to stop parking. We don’t offer monthly payments or invoicing for this.


We request an initial charge at the start of your booking from your bank, this is to check that we can charge your card later. This amount will always be the maximum charge for parking at that location, relative to time that you start - i.e. it will not be a full day's charge if you arrive later in the day.

Your bank will reserve this amount until JustPark instructs them to release the funds. 

We do this immediately after you end your session. 

Your bank then releases the held funds back to you, minus the parking charge.  The can take 3-5 working days depending on who you bank with. 

Good to know:

JustPark only ever receives the funds for the parking charge, once you have ended the session.

The pre-authorised 'held' amount actually never leaves your bank account - it is just unavailable for you to use until your parking session is ended. 

Any amount due for parking is taken from the held amount and the remainder released. 




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