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How do I change my vehicle details?

Having the correct vehicle make and model is not important - so if this was what you wanted to change, you do not need to worry. Only the correct vehicle registration is important.

Having the correct vehicle registration is only absolutely vital if you're parking in a car park of any sort, where enforcement is present.

If you're parking on a private residential driveway, it will not result in a parking fine (unless the Owner has stated you need a permit in which case make sure the registration on that is correct). 

You should ensure you correct the vehicle registration before you make your next booking though 

If you have an active booking that has not yet started, or has only been active a few minutes, here's how to edit your vehicle details:

**Note: If your booking has already started, it might not be possible to change your vehicle registration. You may get an error code, or you may not be able to do it at all. In this case, you should make a new booking for the correct vehicle registration asap, to avoid a parking fine. **

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  1. Head to the 'My bookings' section of your JustPark account
  2. Select the booking that you would like to make the change for 
  3. Look for the edit icon next to your vehicle details
  4. Select or add your vehicle and click 'Update'

**If you do not have an active booking, you can change your vehicle in the 'My Profile' section.**

**Note: It isn't possible to change the vehicle on a booking once 5 minutes of a booking has passed. If more than 5 minutes of your booking has passed then you will need to make a new booking to avoid getting a parking fine.**

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