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Change card/payment details for a live booking

If you have a booking that is 'live' (so it either is in progress, hasn't happened yet or is a monthly rolling booking) you can now change the card that payment is taken against. 

**You can only do this on the web at the moment**


1. Log into your account on the web

2. Go to Bookings

3. Find the booking you want to amend the payment for - either under 'In Progress' or 'Upcoming' - Click on the booking to open it. 

4. Scroll to 'Payment information and click on change

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 12.33.44.png


5. Select the alternate card (or add a new one)


Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 12.37.03.png


6. Click 'Save and continue' - Your new payment card is now saved


Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 12.35.12.png





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