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I made a small typo/error in my vehicle registration - now I've received a parking fine (PCN)

JustPark do not issue parking fines, isn’t a parking authority that has jurisdiction on the issue of penalty charge notices, and cannot cancel them directly.

You've made a small error/typo when entering your vehicle registration - Now you've received a parking fine (PCN)

Getting a parking fine can be really upsetting, so we're sorry to hear that you've received one. When you make a booking, we transmit the information to the enforcement company, including your vehicle reg. If there is no match on their system/handheld devices, then a parking fine is issued.

In the case of a typo - e.g. instead of EG18XDN, you enter EG18XDM - this will mean the enforcer does not find a match and issues a Parking Charge Notice (PCN, AKA Parking Fine). This is known as a 'minor keying error'.

Check the booking you made and whether you adhered to all the parking restrictions - you want to be certain that you did not receive the PCN for any reason other than the small typo. 

  • If you find there is another reason for the PCN (times/dates etc) you should pay the fine to avoid further action/increased costs
  • If there are no other reasons, you can appeal directly to the enforcement company using the reason 'minor keying error'
    • Do not send your appeal to JustPark - we cannot appeal on your behalf
  • If your appeal is rejected you should appeal to POPLA stating that this was a minor keying error 
  • Read POPLA's article on how to appeal for this reason

What will happen?

As long as there were no other reasons for the PCN being issued - the Enforcement Company should cancel the PCN. If they do not, you should appeal to POPLA. 

For more information, please visit the following website:


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