Booking A Parking Space

I'm using a hired vehicle - can I still make a booking?

Yes, you can book a space with JustPark if you've hired a vehicle. You may have noticed that you need to supply a vehicle registration when making a booking with us. We know that you probably don't know the registration of your rental car yet so here is what you can do

  1. When booking, enter your own vehicle registration if you have a car or enter 'JPTEMP' if you don't.  

  2. Before your booking starts, update the vehicle registration you are using to that of the hire car. You can update this at any point on our website or in the app before the booking starts from the 'My Bookings' page. 

You can read our article explaining how to update your vehicle registration in more detail here

It is your responsibility to update your vehicle registration. If you do not update it, then you may be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and JustPark will not be able to help with this. 

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