Local Authority Parking

Pay on Exit - How does it work?

Some of our sites, are Pay on Exit. This is a super easy way to park your car!

If the site you are visiting is Pay on Exit, it will be displayed in our App as well as on the Signage at the car park. So please only review these instructions if you are at or will be visiting a Pay on Exit car park. 

When you arrive at the car park, the cameras will detect your vehicle registration. At that stage, there is nothing you need to do. 

When you return to your car you can open the JustPark-application, put in the listing ID mentioned on the signage and your vehicle registration number. We will then show you how much you will have to pay, and you can make the payment. 

Once you have made the payment, please leave the car park at your earliest convenience. Usually, this is within the next 5-10 minutes. 

Please note that whilst Pay on Exit works similarly at all car parks where this is offered, we still recommend that you check the signages present at the car parks to ensure you are following the correct instructions. 

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