Parking Peace of Mind

Parking Peace of Mind - I cannot claim on my main motor insurance policy. Can I still use the policy to cover repairs?

Sadly, no. The Parking Peace of Mind product is designed to refund the excess your insurance company has made you pay on a claim. If you have not paid the excess on your insurance then you will not be able to make a claim. 

Some things to be aware of that are not covered. These are the key ones, but as always please read the Full Terms here for complete details of the policy. 

  1. The Motor Insurance Policy you are claiming on must be in your name, so rental cars are excluded
  2. You must live in the UK
  3. Glass repairs (e.g. windscreens) are not covered
  4. This is not a breakdown or misfuelling cover

Please note that the Parking Peace of Mind product is only available for bookings which are made in advance for private parking spaces. 

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