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How do I change the Vehicle Registration on a Season Ticket?

To change your vehicle registration on a season ticket on Desktop/Web, please use the following instructions:


Please note you must change your vehicle registration on the season ticket itself using these instructions. If you simply add a new number plate to My Profile, this will not work and you may receive a fine.


1. On your JustPark Account, visit Tickets and Permits, you will see your active season ticket there.



2. Click on the Active Season Ticket, you will see a page with a box similar to the one below. Click on the green ‘edit’ button next to the number plate.




3. The following pop-up will appear, you can then select another vehicle or add a new vehicle.




4. You will then see the same box showing with the new number plate. This will be confirmation that your number plate has been updated.




1. Visit Tickets and Permits in the left-hand navigation:




2. See your active season ticket. Click through to view the details.




3. See your season ticket details. Click the green Edit  button next to your current number plate:




4. The following pop up will appear, you can then select another vehicle or add a new vehicle.




5. Once you click Update, your number plate will be updated on your season ticket. The following screenshot is an example of confirmation.



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