Booking A Parking Space

How do I book a parking space?

For the best experience download the JustPark app - Make and manage your booking, extend your time and navigate to your space, all from your smartphone

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You can find a great space to book quickly and easily in three simple steps.

1. Find your Space

  • If you don't know the postcode, you can search by key destinations such as hospitals, train stations or landmarks!

2. Choose the Right Space

  • Spaces that can be booked right away are displayed with a lightning bolt (in the map) or "Reservable" (in the list).
  • Click a pin on the map or a card in the list to see reviews, descriptions, photos, rules, amenities, and distance to nearby landmarks.

3. Pay

  • Tell us about the vehicle you will be parking. We will then share this with the space owner so they know who to expect.
  • Depending on the device you are using (app or website), you can pay for your booking using a credit/debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. We securely encrypt all your personal details.
  • We'll send you a confirmation email containing all the vital information for your booking, including directions and access instructions. Make sure you read the email as it has all the essential information you'll need.


*Please note that a booking can only be related to 1 vehicle. This means that if you wish to make a booking for a second booking, this will have to be a separate booking. 

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