How do I manage my payment methods?

If you choose to pay with a payment card when you make a book, you can edit or remove the card information from your JustPark account later, as long as a default payment method remains and the card is not being used on an upcoming or active booking.

Removing or adding a payment method

Desktop & Laptop Mobile App

To manage your payment methods, log in to JustPark from a desktop or a laptop computer and follow the steps below. You can manage your payment methods by going to in the Billing → Payment Sources of your account:

  1. Click Delete alongside the payment method you would like to remove
  2. Click Add Credit/Debit Card to add the new payment card information to your account

Note: At this time, it's only possible to add and remove payment methods from the Payment Sources section of your account, although you can choose to add other types of payment methods on the checkout page when you book.

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