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Q-Park - I’ve stayed longer than my booking time. How do I make payment for this?

On entry into the Q-Park car park, you would need to take a ticket from the barrier even if you’ve booked with JustPark. Ensure you keep this ticket as you will need to enter it into the kiosk on site before you exit the car park. 

If you find that you overstayed the booking you made on JustPark, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Take your ticket to a Q-Park kiosk
  • Enter the ticket, then scan the barcode on the booking overview screen from the app or website
  • If you have parked passed your pre-booked time, you will need to make an additional payment for the additional time 

If this is unclear for any reason, Q-Park staff are on hand to assist you with the kiosks and with making correct payments.

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