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EV Payments - How much will I receive when someone is using my charger?

You may be wondering when but especially how much you will receive for a booking where a driver is using your charger. 


You can recognise an EV (Electric Vehicle) Booking with the following symbol when clicking on the booking in question:


Payments for electric charges are made after a booking has taken place. This will then be shown in the earnings section of the booking marked "EV Charging".


Please do not allow drivers to use your charging facilities when no EV symbol is shown in their booking. Drivers will have to rebook using the app where they can search for EV spaces only. 


But I am sure your main question is; How much will I earn? Please check the following article for more information on your pricing and how much you would make on a booking. This article will only cover the EV payment bit. Your earnings will depend on the type of charger you got. Please see the breakdown here:





Daily Cap


Weekly Cap


Monthly Cap


Up to 3.7kW 1.48 24 84 240
7kW 2.8 24 84 240
Greater than 11kW 4.4 24 84 240


For example:


You received a booking for 6 days and your charger is the one using 7kW. 


6 x 24  = £144

As this is more than the weekly cap, the weekly cap of £84 would apply. 


Please note that your earnings are subject to a 3% transaction fee when you withdraw your funds. For more information, click here.

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