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What do I do if the driver arrives early or late?

Sometimes journeys don't go to plan! Here's what to do if that happens:

Running early?

If a driver arrives early and you can accommodate them, feel free to do this at your own discretion. If they're really early, you could ask them to extend their booking or make a new one to cover the extra time they will spend parked. 

If they arrive early without informing you, do let us know the time they arrived so we can arrange for any additional payment.

Running late?

Sometimes drivers might be travelling a long way to your space or have been caught in traffic. Maybe they've just slept in! Drivers are not obliged to turn up on time for their booking. As long as they arrive within the duration of their booking. A driver won't be refunded for the time not used if they arrive late. 

It's also possible a driver doesn't make it back to pick up their vehicle on time. This rarely happens, but we've got a simple process to make sure you are not left out of pocket! If this does happen to you, please read our article on what happens if a driver overstays.

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