Booking A Parking Space

Can I pay for parking retrospectively?

The short answer for this is, no. Please always ensure that you pay for parking on time! If you've forgotten to book or for any reason couldn’t pay at the time but continued to park, we aren’t able to make retrospective bookings or amend historic bookings as it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid booking for their stay. 

Car parks where you pay-on-arrival or reserve them will often have an automated number plate recognition (ANPR) camera that snaps your vehicle registration when you drive in. If you don’t have a valid booking then it may trigger a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

Drivers may also find that if they don’t make a booking that a parking attendant can put a PCN on their windshield - this is more common at council owned car parks than private ones. If a PCN is given and you didn’t book in time, we would advise to appeal directly with the enforcement agency. 


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